What it does ?

It shows the processors IDT (Interrupt Descriptor Table) and if you doubleclick on a list-entry, some additional information from the registry. (NT 4 only!)

How did I do this ?

I'm using a small kernelmode driver (idt.sys) which reads the IDT via
                mov   esi,mBuffer
                sidt  [esi]
                movzx ecx,word ptr [esi]
                mov   ebx,dword ptr [esi+2]
                inc   ecx                
                mov   edi,mBuffer
                mov   dummy,ecx
                mov   esi,ebx
                shr   ecx,2  
                rep   movsd

btw: The drivers source is freely available, so feel free to ask if you want it !
The program loads the driver on start and unloads it when it ends. On start the program queries the registry and builds a list with the installed devices and their allocated resources.

Bugs ???

Please report bugs to ntdev@wischrop-net.de !


Build - expiration removed (oops)
Build - enhanced ressource view
Build - First Release

Thank you very much for your help !!!


idt!.zip (222 kBytes)

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all rights reserved